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Chief Instructor
Ronald E. Chapman MS, RRT
Chikarakogeki Judo & Karate Club

In 1967, at the age of 5, Ronald Chapman Jr. was introduced to judo by a couple of brothers, Roy & Jack, showing off their skills at Hialeah Florida Elementary school. This interest led him to train at a nearby warehouse and began informal training in judo. In 1972 he trained Kempo under Pablo Alvarez in Hollywood Fl. He began formal training in Judo in 1974 under Frank Payne and Gus Hernandez, in Miami Fl. In 1976 Ron began training with Aston Hugh (Order of Isshinryu) and was promoted to Sho-Dan in Isshinryu by Hugh. He received the Isshinryu Brotherhood’s Distinguished Instructor Award. Chapman would travel to visit his brother in Gainesville Fl, while there he would train IsshinRyu karate under Dr. Milledge Murphey at the YMCA during 1973 to 1981. Also training alongside his brother Roger Springfield, and George Bass. Chapman was promoted to Sho-Dan in the Isshinryu Brotherhood in 1985 by Dr. Milledge Murphy. Ron enlisted on active duty in the U.S Army in 1981. While stationed in Germany he taught the German Police Issinryu Karate. In 1987 he became a member of the 356th Military Intelligence Company (CEWI). He continued to train judo as well as teach judo while in the army. Chapman is a Master Coach, Master Certified Rank Examiner, and a Silver trustee Life Member of USJA since 1986. Ron is presently ranked: Shichidan (7th Degree) in Isshinryu Karate, Roku-Dan (6th Degree) in Judo and Ni-Dan in Jujitsu. Chapman holds memberships in the IB, IBO, IBBO, USJA and WMAF. He is a founding
member of the Isshinryu Brotherhood. Milledge Murphy (founder) relinquished his role of Chikarakogeki to Mr. Chapman. Chapman took over as director of the Chikarakogeki Karate and Judo Kai club in 1990.
The club has been privileged to have world class athletes, Jason Morris (1992 Olympic silver medalist, USA), Shinjiro Sasaki (Kodokan Cup bronze medalist, Japan), Hannah Martin (USA Medalist) and Colleen Rosensteel (3 time Olympian ) visit our club for seminars. National Competitors, Josh Hintermister and Jane Myers. Mr. Chapman retired from Lake City VA Medical Center, as a Respiratory Therapist, MS RRT. Ron is very passionate about Judo and attends the dojo six days a week.

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