Chief Instructor

Ronald E. Chapman MS, RRT

Ron Chapman was first introduced to martial arts in 1967 at age 5
while watching an exhibition by schoolmates at James H. Bright
Elementary school, in Hialeah Fl. At the same time his older brother,
Roger Springfels, would tell him stories of exhibitions he had seen.
This interest led him to begin informal training in Judo. He started
formal training in Kempo in 1972 at the age of 10. He later trained
Tae Kwon Do in 1975 and attained the rank of 2nd degree black belt in
that style by 1978. Ron began training Isshinryu Karate during the
summer of 1977 with Dr. Milledge Murphy at the Gainesville YMCA. He
continued training Tae Kwon Do. In 1980 he began training with Aston
Hugh (Order of Isshinryu) while he lived in Miami. He was promoted to
Sho-Dan in Isshinryu by Hugh. Chapman was promoted to Sho-Dan in the
Isshinryu Brotherhood in 1985 by Dr. Milledge Murphy. Ron began formal
training in Judo in 1976 under Frank Payne, Gus Hernandez and Dr.
Milledge Murphy, all USJA members.


Competing in Karate and Judo during late 60’s early 70’s, Ron’s first
Karate tournaments were hosted by Johnny Pachivas and Joe Hess. In
1978 he won first place for Kata, at Eau Galle, Fl. He has received
many awards and trophies including a draw for 1st place in the 1992
heavyweight division of the Isshinryu World Karate Association’s World
Championships. Two 1st place medals at the Florida Sunshine State
Games in Judo. He has also received the Issinryu Brotherhood’s
Distinguished Instructor Award.



Ron taught both Judo and Issinryu Karate at the Gainesville YMCA where he produced a 1999 National Champion in Judo. He previously taught Issinryu Karate at the University of Florida for several years. During that time he was Sensei of the University of Florida Isshinryu Club. Chapman entered active duty in the U.S Army in 1981. While stationed in Germany, he taught the German Police Issinryu Karate. In 1987 he became a member of the 356th Military Intelligence Company (CEWI). In 1989 his unit was deactivated and he was discharged from the group.  He continued serving four years in the Army Medical Reserve Unit, in 2007. While in the U.S Army he attended Parachute(jump) School, the NCO Academy and various other schools. He is currently employed by Lake City VA Medical Center, as a Respiratory Therapist.

Ron is presently ranked Roku-Dan-Go (6th Degree) in Isshinryu Karate
and Go-Dan (5th Degree) in Judo. He also holds the rank of Ni-Dan in
Jujitsu. Chapman holds memberships in the IB, IBO, IBBO, USJA and
WMAF. He is a founding member of the Isshinryu Brotherhood. He took
over as director of the Chikarakogeki Karate and Judo Kai club in the
early 1990’s. He presently teaches Judo and Isshinryu Karate at the
Chikarakogeki Dojo.


The legacy of this club has produced a 3 time Olympic team member,
Collen Rosensteel. National Competitors Josh Hintermister and Jane Myers.